Sport As A Unity Tool

Sport As A Unity Tool

Sport is a physical activity that can be carried out based on set down rules amongst individuals in different teams to achieve a main goal which is winning. 

Unity is the act of coming together as one to achieve a common purpose even though it might cost overlooking differences.

Sport can help to foster unity in diverse ways ranging from passing beyond limits of language, religion, skin color, and nationality to bringing people that have shared passion and love in a competitive manner to achieve a common goal.

Universally, rules, strategies, and objectives of various sports are understood when competing even without ever seeing the opponent before. Whether football, basketball, boxing, or tennis, the shared experience of watching or participating in the games brings a sense of oneness amongst the spectators or players.

One of the most important aspects of sports is the barrier-breaking among the players in the sense that no matter what your teammates are facing, you will always find a way of overpowering that obstacle. This brings out a sense of belonging and solidarity in the other player which fosters a spirit of inclusiveness. 

Furthermore, sports also serve as a platform for cultural exchange and understanding. When athletes or teams from across different parts of the world come together for a certain competition, they tend to bring out and showcase the beauty of their culture, customs, and traditions. Through interaction and communication amongst athletes of different teams both on and off the pitch, they tend to share information about their culture for the other party to learn and appreciate their experience diversity, which brings about respect, sympathy, and mutual understanding of each other's background. 

On the international level, sport tends to bring together nations that thought they could never have things to do together to achieve a positive common goal. Major sporting competitions like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, etc.., supersede limitations of political differences and bring people together to enjoy and celebrate athletic success. This kind of event showcases positive ideas of the hosting nation(s), and will or might act as a wake-up call for the government of the participating nations to also do certain good things they might have never thought of doing to improve their own nation. 

In addition, sports can also be an avenue for social amendments and activism. In the history of sports, athletes have always been using their platforms to solicit for good causes. By speaking up against injustice and raising awareness. Recently, an Athletic Club player, Nico Williams spoke out about racism, though it's been a topic that attracted a lot of attention in the past, as athletes are talking more about it, it will be discussed more and will soon be eradicated. 

Finally, sports have the ability to increase self-growth and awareness thereby increasing national development. Sports participation teaches basic life skills such as dedication, discipline, and resilience which in turn helps society. A disciplined man knows how to interact and relate with others in the society.

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